The Ultimate Solution For Everyday Struggle

Rushing to drink your favourite cup of coffee or tea before it cools out while busy juggling different tasks? 

Does your phone run out of charge trying to stay on top of your emails and texts popping up throughout the day?

Ardent is born to save the day! Enjoy the warmth of your coffee or tea till that last sip and charge your phone later.

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  • Warm Drink To The Last Sip

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Cup of Warmth in a Touch!

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Worried about dropping your drink on Ardent Warmer Pad?

"I am constantly on my phone, I ADORE coffee." 

"And there's nothing I prefer more than getting a charge out phone and a stunning warm cup of coffee at the ideal temperature."

- Medad alzahim

"I really like it! works super well and its really usefull for my home office ;)."

Munna Omar

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